Our Mission

Combat Counselors is a non-profit on a mission to stop veteran suicide. We intend to do this by quite literally stopping these suicides through direct, physically present intervention.

The VA reports two-thirds of all Veteran suicides are committed with a handgun. We want to identify Veterans who are struggling and help them before they have a gun in their hands. If we can’t, we want to be physically present to stop any veteran from making the ultimate decision to end their life.

We quite literally need an army. We need an army of volunteers, therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists who can help veterans. We also need an army of those who can provide support in any way. Our plan for carrying out this mission is as follows:

Phase 1 involves raising the capital for developing an app where we can provide veterans with access to no-cost text and video therapy. Additionally we will roll out an online community for veterans only known as “Inside The Wire”.

Phase 2 will be building more capital to create a network of individuals who can give support through the app 24/7/365, any time a veteran may need access to our services.

Phase 3 is developing and implementing a network of suicide intervention trained former combat soldiers that can be deployed at a moment’s notice anywhere in America through a system of private pilots.

We will continue our mission until the war on Veteran suicide is won. 

Veteran suicide happens at alarming rates, and while we carry the name “combat,” we won’t limit our services to only those who saw combat in a foreign land.